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Emahoy has written over 157 music scores and has published three albums on vinyl and two CDs. It was the Ethiopiques 21 CD published by Buda Musique that made her world famous. She was 85 years old then, and today, even at the age of 97, she continues to play music and her mind is sharp. Her music has touched the lives of many and she’s been hailed in the press as a musical genius.

Here is what each song meant to her as she was composing:


The Homeless Wanderer

The homeless wanderer plays his flute while he worries about the wilderness around him where he journeys. At night in the mountains, when people and animals rest after the day, one hears the song of a flute which the little wanderer plays, alone and far from home. The wild animals and snakes do not dare approach him, but listen spellbound to the melody his flute produces. The power of the notes protects him. Thus he loses his fear of the nocturnal visitors and they become his friends.

The Homeless Wander
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The Last Tears of a Deceased

Dedicated to my beloved brother, Assayehegne, who died in a car accident at the age of 18. The last sentence of my composition expresses my deep sorrow: “my heart will weep for him all my life.”

The Last Tears of a Deceased
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A Young Girl’s Complaint

A young girl complains about the hardships of life. Her sister’s words give her no comfort. But her tears bring relief from her sorrow.

A Young Girl's Complaint
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The Mad Man’s Laughter

This designation for my composition goes back to a remark my sister made, which is that when she heard it, she heard the reverberating sounds of a madman's laughter.

The Mad Man's Laughter
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The presentiment of a heavy stroke of fate. Composed two years before the death of my youngest brother, Assayehegn.

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Mother’s Love

Dedicated to my very dear late mother's memory, Emahoy Kassaye Yelemtou, who died of old age, and her beloved son Lieutenant Meshesha Gebru, who was shot by Mussolini's army. Everyone knows how a mother’s love means sacrificing self for the welfare and happiness of the children. Indeed! A mother’s heart is a fortress of love.

Mother's Love
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The Song of the Sea

Dedicated to the noble memory of my dear father: His Excellency Kentiba Gebru Desta. The melody of this piece was inspired by a strong childhood impression that lingered in my mind for my whole life.


“We sat on the deck of the ship because it was too hot in the cabin and the beautiful sight of the full moon and the waves that looked like a moving silver field were engraved in me for my entire life,” she writes in the new book, alongside the sheet music for "Song of the Sea."


Listen ... she's taking you on her waves on a journey far away ….

The Song of the Sea
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The name itself reminds every Christian of its holy meaning. This is the place where Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we may live eternally in His glorious kingdom.

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The Jordan River Song

Background! The flowing river relates the sad stories of its surrounding drama.

The Jordan River Song
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The Garden of Gethesemane

This is the beautiful and silent garden where Jesus Christ suffered betrayal by one of his disciples.

The Garden of Gethesemanie
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The Song of Abayi

With blessings to my dear nieces Meskerem Assefa and Aster Assefa.

The Song of Abayi
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The Story of the Wind

With blessings to my dear sister Guennet Gebru and her dear daughter Yewbdar Yilma. You know the wind goes around the world and has so many stories to tell … in your leisure hours, sit in your garden and listen to his story as he passes by … you will enjoy it.

The Story of the Wind
00:00 / 02:47

Evening Breeze

With blessings to my dear sister W. Senedou Gebru, and her daughter Goh-Alem Assefa, the breeze brings back vanished memories of them …

Evening Breeze
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Tenkou! Why Feel Sorry?

With blessings to my dear nieces Konjit Yilma and Edele Yilma and family.  Song: Why those tears in your eyes?  Cheer up, for you are so young ...

Tenkou Why Feel Sorry
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