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Emahoy's World: A Playlist

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Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru's artistic influence cannot be contained by the rigid boundaries of content or form. Her work captures an enchanting spirit, a thoughtful mood, that there is no blueprint for replicating, but that many artists strive to create in their own work, whether consciously under the influence of Emahoy or not.

Teddy Burns, assistant to Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music, has compiled a playlist of songs from mostly contemporary artists in which he hears echoes of Emahoy's influence. Some of these connections are more direct than others– Dev Hynes appears, a contributor to the Passing (2021) soundtrack on which Emahoy is also significantly featured. Also included is a Fleet Foxes song to reflect singer-songwriter Robin Pecknold's love of Emahoy's music and her influence on his craft– he included her in a playlist of artists that inspired their album Crack-Up, and she was his most listened-to artist of 2023!

Also included are the artists who performed at our Kennedy Center concert: John Paul McGee, Meklit Hadero, and Thomas Feng.

What songs or artists do you think could also belong in this playlist?

  1. Kemekem (I Like Your Afro)– Meklit, Samuel Yirga

  2. Hub-Tones– Kamasi Washington

  3. Reflexion– Sufjan Stevens, Tim Andres, Conor Hanick

  4. The Long Ride II– Devonté Hynes

  5. The Anchor Song– Bjork

  6. Wonderful is Your Name (Live)– John Paul McGee

  7. Waiting for You– Alex G

  8. opus– Ryuichi Sakamoto

  9. Hinoki Wood– Gia Margaret

  10. trace of hope (variations)– Thomas Feng

  11. Cerca De Ti– Hermanos Gutiérrez

  12. I Want To See You– Alice Coltrane

  13. Kept Woman– Fleet Foxes

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