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This is the official concert film of Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru: 100 Years of a Brilliant Composer at the Kennedy Center. Enjoy performances by John Paul McGee, Meklit Hadero, and Thomas Feng. Included in this concert are never-before-heard compositions by Emahoy, with a finale showcasing the song Tell Me, one of a few rare recordings of Emahoy singing, accompanied by footage from the upcoming documentary, Labyrinth of Belonging.

• $20 to rent the film for 24 hours


John Paul McGee:

• Story of the Wind

• Jerusalem

• Presentiment

• Homeless Wanderer

• Garden of Gethsemane 

• Golgotha 

Meklit Hadero: 

• Je Crois 

• If Somebody Deserts You 

• Clouds Moving in the Sky

• My Resting Home is Kassaye 

Thomas Feng: 

• Quo Vadis 

• Wagaye Don't Cry 

• Grande Valzer Improvisata 

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