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Wagaye, Don't Cry

Wagaye, Don't Cry

Wagaye, Don’t Cry


Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou transcribed and edited by Thomas Feng, Editor’s notes: This edition was created based on the Emahoy’s manuscript (written in shorthand) and a recorded performance by Emahoy (available on the album The Visionary).


All dynamic and expressive indications (e.g. dolce, leggero, mp) are the Emahoy’s own. (Many dynamic and articulation nuances in Emahoy’s performance have been left unnotated in this edition.) All tempo markings (e.g. poco rall., a tempo) and pedal indications are editorial, transcribed from her recording.


This edition is, on the one hand, a “descriptive” transcription, which aims to illustrate finer details of Emahoy’s unique style, especially in regards to rhythm. In particular, many passages are repeated, either immediately or much after they are first played – the repetitions usually include minute but precise variations, which would be flattening to omit from the score.


On the other hand, as a score to be performed from, it may (understandably) appear fussy and restrictive. As with the music of Chopin, the score is hardly the final word, and should ideally be used with reference to the recording.


Thomas Feng, Sept. 2021

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